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  • 09.15.2021

    Vineyard Villas in South America — A New Hot Market in Luxury?

    What are the current trends in the high-end luxury real estate sector? While real estate, in general, has been a boiling industry within the United States recently, luxury real estate around the globe has seen a similar boost in demand and sales. As COVID-19 becomes less prevalent in some countries and regions but continues as a worldwide pandemic, many international buyers have moved toward more rural properties with smaller communities. 

  • 09.09.2021

    Investors can now use Bitcoin to buy Luxury Villas in Argentinian Wine Country

    Gaucho Group Holdings, Inc. announced this month that it would now accept payment in the form of Bitcoin (BTC) for its luxurious villas nestled in the idyllic landscape of San Rafael, Mendoza — the heart of Argentina’s southern wine country. Gaucho Holdings owns a growing collection of luxury real estate, luxury brands, fine wines and other premium real estate and consumer products across Argentina. In its bid to offer diverse and innovative investment opportunities to investors around the globe, the company moved to accept Bitcoin as payment for its phase 1 homesites located throughout its more than 4,100 acres of breathtaking vineyards and countryside in the south of Argentina. Here’s what the move means for investors.

  • 07.22.2021

    Gaucho Holdings (VINO) Announces Deal with EDSA and Plans to Partner with Luxury Hospitality Brand to Execute Ambitious Vineyard "Masterplan"

    Luxury goods and real estate company Gaucho Group Holdings Inc. VINO 5.1% recently announced a significant step forward for its goal of creating a unique world-class vineyard resort destination. Gaucho entered into an engagement with planning, landscape architecture and urban design firm EDSA, Inc. with the intent to “enhance and further develop the existing masterplan of Algodon Wine Estates Private Estancias 4,138-acre luxury vineyard and golf development in San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina.”

  • 07.14.2021

    Benzina Interview with Gaucho Group Holdings' CEO Scott Mathis


    Benzinga's exclusive interview with Gaucho Group Holdings (NASDAQ: VINO) and their extensive portfolio from luxury fashion and accessories to wine-themed real estate development!

  • 06.03.2021

    Gaucho Group Holdings: The Only Luxury Conglomerate You Need In Your Portfolio

    Gaucho Group Holdings: The Only Luxury Conglomerate You Need In Your Portfolio

    Our stock pick of the day for our readers is one of the hottest luxury small caps based in the U.S., but focused on luxury brands and assets in Buenos Aires, the fashion capital of Argentina – Gaucho Group Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:VINO). The company has made a mark for itself in the Argentinian market after the economic crisis forced many large international luxury companies to leave the country, presenting an excellent opportunity for a local player such as this one to establish itself.

  • 05.14.2021

    Gaucho Group Holdings energizes Argentine luxury goods marketplace

    Gaucho Group Holdings energizes Argentine luxury goods marketplace

    Towering mountains with cloud-shrouded peaks appear to scrape the heavens as sweeping vineyards sprawl toward the horizon. After hiking through lush landscapes, take a train to the arid Rio de la Plata and spot wildlife roaming the pampas. Finish the day with a meal of tender meats cooked on an open fire accompanied by red wine.  

  • 09.12.2020

    Dream Homes for Golfers and Wine Lovers

    Dream Homes for Golfers and Wine Lovers

    Algodon Wine Estates in San Rafael, Mendoza, is a 4,138-acre estate planted with heritage vines, olive groves and fruit orchards at the foot of the Sierra Pintada mountains. The region’s sunny climate is ideal for producing the estate’s signature bonarda and malbec wines, as well as playing its nine-hole golf course designed by Ricardo Jurado Jr., the grandson of the Argentine golf legend José Jurado. More than 100 vineyard lots, some showcasing Spanish Revival homes, overlook the golf course. (Another nine holes with adjacent lots are in the works.) Home sites range from 21,527 square feet ($105,000) to almost seven acres ($785,000), with construction costs around $80 per square foot. Homeowners’ association fees run about $350 per month.

  • 02.03.2020

    Entrepreneur, Scott Mathis, has devoted a little over a decade investing in Argentina's wine, real estate, as well as hospitality sectors and presently has set his sights around the international fashion world with Gaucho – Buenos Aires

    The Businessman Making An Investment In Argentine Luxury

    As a leading investor in Argentine fine wines, together with hospitality brands such as Algodon Fine Wines, Algodon Mansion – Buenos Aires, Algodon Wine Estates – Private Estencias, Mathis has devoted the past decade to finding and promoting opportunities in the underrated luxury real estate and consumer market. As part of his continuing drive to the long-overdue recognition of Argentinian design and fashion.

  • 11.22.2019

    Get to know the designers featured in our latest Hola! Couture


    Luxury and contemporary design merge within one of Argentina’s rising high-end labels, Gaucho – Buenos Aires. The brand founded by entrepreneur Scott Mathis and headed by Argentine designers Carmen Vils and Guido Spangenberg blends Argentina’s heritage with a sophisticated and modern outlook. The term Gaucho is a national symbol of Argentina and refers to the nomadic horsemen of the South American pampas.

  • 11/18/2019

    The country's textile and apparel producers are hoping the new government's economic policies will reinvigorate the sector, while luxury brands are eyeing Argentina for future expansion.

    Argentina’s Fashion Sector Pins Hopes on New Government

    A key way to bolster the sector’s fortunes will come from resurrecting past export stars such as high-end pullovers or hoodies, premium wool sweaters or leather jackets, which once sold strongly overseas. Some names are getting ahead of the game, hoping to attract U.S. consumers. These include, for example, Gaucho-Buenos Aires, a high-end leather goods and ready-to-wear label that just launched online in the U.S. after debuting at New York Fashion Week. The firm is using Argentina’s cowboy, or “gaucho,” culture to make leather products with a contemporary twist blending Buenos Aires’ uniqueness and glamour.

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