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  • 11.20.2023

    Embracing Change

    Gaucho Holdings' Perspective on Argentina's New Dawn

    In a historic turn of events, Argentina has elected Javier Milei, a leader heralded for his radical approach to governance. At Gaucho Group Holdings, Inc., we view this change not just as a political shift, but as an opportunity for economic revitalization and investment growth in Argentina. Scott Mathis, our Chairman and CEO, captures the essence of this moment: "When a country like Argentina shifts from a position of no leverage to leverage, the implications are profound. This could very well be the greatest movement in asset valuation in real estate since the post-World War II era."

  • 10.11.2023

    Gaucho Group Holdings, Inc.: The Case for Investing in Argentina

    A Glimpse into Argentina's Economic Potential

    Despite often finding itself amidst negative headlines, Argentina's stock market stands tall, representing one of the globe's best performers. This not only defies the general skepticism surrounding the country but also underscores the immense confidence international investors place in Argentina's prospective growth.