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MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / MARCH 29, 2022 / Gaucho – Buenos Aires, the new luxury fashion and lifestyle brand from Argentina, currently making a name for itself with its line of leather goods, accessories, ready to wear, and home goods, announces today the name change of it web address to

The company made the strategic decision to revise its existing domain “” to because as one of the first things its visitors see, the domain better defines its brand, can increase overall awareness, and reach more customers searching for the common term.  The new domain name ads credibility to the brand itself, as well as its website, and may increase click-through rate and boost search traffic.

Scott Mathis, Gaucho’s Chairman and CEO, said; “We are delighted to make this announcement that we have moved our online presence to the new address  Our marketing and digital team has been working hard to create a better online experience for our customers.  We believe there is a lot of value in investing in a strong, branded domain name, because the domain itself is part of our brand. tells customers both our name and our domain when first meeting us, with a better chance that these potential new customers will remember either or both, when searching for us again later.”

Gaucho – Buenos Aires’ parent company is Gaucho Group Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:VINO), a company that holds a collection of experiential luxury assets.  The holding company is comprised of various market sectors with a reputation for excellence including Luxury Vineyard Real Estate, Fine Wines, Luxury Boutique Hotels, as well as E-commerce, Leather Goods and Accessories. The Gaucho – Buenos Aires brand launched in 2018.

About Gaucho – Buenos Aires

Gaucho – Buenos Aires is a fashion brand inspired by our modern interpretation of the inimitable spirit of the gaucho—the storied Argentinian wanderers and adventurers who embraced life boldly and confidently. Gaucho – Buenos Aires’s leather goods, accessories, and ready-to-wear fashions are made for dynamic global citizens, those who live authentically and freely, and explore the modern world with passion and curiosity.  Our styles are made to last, with timeless essentials and an unparalleled dedication to quality. Each handcrafted piece blends the heritage of Argentina—with its artisanal craftsmanship passed down through generations and the finest local materials—with modern, cosmopolitan style, designed to fit your life. The result are pieces that are unique, unforgettable and authentically individual—Buenos Aires’ finest designer label. Gaucho – Buenos Aires is part of Gaucho Group Holdings, Inc. (, which crafts luxury experiences, properties and products the celebrate the vibrant and distinctive Argentinian lifestyle. To learn more, visit

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