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NEW YORK, NY – March 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Gaucho Group Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: VINO), a collection of luxury assets, real estate holdings and premium wines in Argentina, today announced the  Fall/Winter Collection debut for its  designer fashion and accessories label, Gaucho - Buenos Aires (, which was showcased to fashion industry media at Argentine fashion week’s Designers Buenos Aires on March 18, 2019. Founded by entrepreneur Scott Mathis and headed up by Argentine designers Santiago Gallo and Carmen Vils, Gaucho - Buenos Aires blends the quality of a bygone era with a sophisticated, modern, global outlook. The brand's beautifully handcrafted clothing and accessories herald the birth of Argentina's finest designer label.

Gaucho - Buenos Aires embodies the spirit of Argentina -- its grand history, its folklore and its revival as a global center of luxury. Inspired by the sophisticated elegance of the great European maisons, Gaucho - Buenos Aires is also rooted in the traditions of native, nomadic culture. With its ambitious couture, ready-to-wear and high-street fashion offering, this is the brand in which Argentine luxury finds its contemporary expression.

"We are very excited to see Gaucho – Buenos Aires on its way to what we hope will become the top luxury brand in Argentina," said Scott Mathis, Gaucho Group Holding’s founder, chairman and CEO. "Our Fall/Winter collection’s debut at Tattersall De Palermo further solidified the reputation of uniqueness and quality of our brand, our designers, and our products.  Since the event, our social media follower base has grown significantly and continues to grow daily. For this, we thank all those who have shared news of our arrival to the world fashion scene on their social platforms, including social media influencer Neels Visser, our designers Santiago Gallo and Carmen Vils, and numerous Argentine and International celebrities that attended the launch.”

Established in Buenos Aires, the Gaucho story is one of impeccable timing. Once dubbed the Paris of South America for its exquisite Belle Epoque style, the city is thriving again and entering a new golden age. The time is ripe for Buenos Aires to align itself with Milan, New York, Paris and London as a global fashion capital, and Gaucho - Buenos Aires will be its bold ambassador. The devaluation of the Argentine Peso has actually proven to draw a record number of tourists to the country, most of whom are looking to take home their own piece of Buenos Aires. Gaucho – Buenos Aires looks to fill this void.

Gaucho Group Holdings’ goal is to reintroduce the world to the grandeurs of the city's elegant past, intertwined with an altogether deeper cultural connection: the strength, honor and integrity of the Gaucho. Seen in the intricate stitching of handmade leather, or the exquisite workmanship of an embossed belt buckle, "Gaucho" style is a world-renowned symbol of Argentine craftsmanship. Blending the quality of a bygone era with a sophisticated, modern, global outlook, the brand's beautifully handcrafted clothing and accessories herald the birth of Argentina's finest designer label.

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About Gaucho Group Holdings, Inc.
For more than ten years, Gaucho Group Holdings’ mission has been to source and develop opportunities in Argentina's undervalued luxury real estate and consumer marketplace. With our proprietary collection of wine, hospitality, fashion brands, and real estate holdings as a foundation, we seek to build our luxury brand ALGODON®, one of prestige, distinction and elegance. We begin with a focus on the quality and reputation of our award-wining wines, Algodon Fine Wines, which serve as our ambassador for our luxury lifestyle properties and other real estate assets. As we continue to produce the ultra-fine wines for which we have become recognized, we expect that our reputation for quality will continue to grow and accordingly increase the value of our brand and real estate holdings. Gaucho Group Holdings' luxury assets are currently concentrated in Argentina, which we believe represents one of the most undervalued investment sectors in the world today. For more information, please visit

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