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We were now in gaucho country at the Algodon Wine Estates in San Rafael, where we enjoyed and entirely different style of wine resort. The vineyard here is vast and beautiful however the best part is that you can purchase your own little piece of paradise here. For those of us that don’t have neat stacks of Benjamin’s lying around that means borrowing some bikes and riding around the estate to visit the different houses. During our bicycle tour around the vineyard and golf course we came across all sorts of awesome wildlife and were constantly stopping to get photos so it took a lot longer than anticipated, nonetheless the ride was such a relaxing way to spend a few hours at this picturesque estate.

Once back from our ride it was time for some pre dinner drinks so we got changed and made our way over to the restaurant and enjoyed a glass of their superb Pima Limited Edition wine while perusing the dinner menu. At he onsite restaurant they offer a delicious 5 course degustation menu from the kitchen and we enjoyed some great local dishes along with delicious wine pairings. The stand out was the Gran Cuvee varietal which is fairly unknown back in the US but here in Argentina it is as popular as Malbec and it has just been introduced into the US market in late February, so you should get a bottle yourself and find out why the Argentineans love it so much. Once dinner was done and we had tasted our fair share of wines the bartender mixed us up an unexpected special cocktail that showed this Bonarda wine can be as versatile as the next.