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Source: Benzinga
By: Michael O'Connor

What are the current trends in the high-end luxury real estate sector? While real estate, in general, has been a boiling industry within the United States recently, luxury real estate around the globe has seen a similar boost in demand and sales. As COVID-19 becomes less prevalent in some countries and regions but continues as a worldwide pandemic, many international buyers have moved toward more rural properties with smaller communities. 

Another factor that is affecting international luxury markets is the growing emphasis on special experiences and lifestyle elements that are not easily replicated. These factors can be especially important in the market for real estate within designed subdivisions or mixed-use development areas.

Golf courses, spas, restaurants and parks have always been desirable elements to have within or near any residential property, but some developers and property investors look to provide an increased appeal with truly unique amenities. 

In the picturesque hills of Argentina is a fertile and expansive 325-acre vineyard with a range of experiences and sites to see. The Algodon Vineyard, Wine Resort, and Estates is a luxury vineyard location owned and operated by Gaucho Group Holdings. Gaucho is an upscale lifestyle, retail goods and real estate company headquartered in the U.S. focused on bringing the flair, fashion and flavor of Argentina to the world.

One of the most unique aspects of the vineyard as a whole is the ability for individuals to buy full plots of land and construct villas on the property as estates. For anyone (but even more so for wine lovers), this appears to be quite the environment to reside in. With a spa, resort, restaurant, and more on-site, along with a variety of attractions nearby, the unique lifestyle offered seems to reflect innovation on the part of Gaucho — an acknowledgment of the broader trends in the market.

Another aspect affecting Algodon Wine Estates is the crucial monetary value difference that allows the same sum to go far further in Argentina than in the U.S. Speciality lifestyle with international value and comparative affordability could become some of the most interesting trends to watch in the coming months.