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Towering mountains with cloud-shrouded peaks appear to scrape the heavens as sweeping vineyards sprawl toward the horizon. After hiking through lush landscapes, take a train to the arid Rio de la Plata and spot wildlife roaming the pampas. Finish the day with a meal of tender meats cooked on an open fire accompanied by red wine.

This is Argentina. And these are the sights, sounds and aromas that attract tourists from around the world to the “land of the gauchos.”

The original settlers of Argentina were known for their rural and free lifestyle. Recognized for his bravery and loyalty, the gaucho was a nomadic horseman who could easily be identified by his distinctive poncho, wide brim hat and leather boots. The gaucho identity went beyond his outfit, however, and was also expressed through grilled cuisine and guitar-laden folk music.

If you’re hoping to experience gaucho culture firsthand, you might be pleased to discover that you can take the nine-hour flight from Miami to Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires without changing time zones. Even though you’re crossing the equator – to a place where the seasons are reversed – there’s virtually no jet lag.

Epitome of craftsmanship, tradition

With a few taps on your cellphone, you can easily book your plane tickets online and get a preview of the gaucho lifestyle by visiting, where the aptly named Gaucho Group Holdings has rounded up a vast collection of fashion, leather accessories and fine wines.

There, you will find an expansive ensemble of garments – from leather jackets to embroidered caps and embossed wallets. Forged in the flames of tradition, Gaucho - Buenos Aires captures the essence of both luxury and authenticity in their clothing, including colorful hand-knit ponchos.

“Our values – strength, resilience, optimism – run through everything we make, from the quality of our leather to the fearlessness of our cuts and our unending passion for Buenos Aires’ fashion heritage,” said designers Carmen Vils and Guido Spangenberg.

Scott L. Mathis, chairman and CEO of Gaucho Group Holdings, said he has always been impressed by the beauty of traditional Argentine garments.

“We wanted to introduce the rich culture of Argentina with a contemporary twist to the wardrobes of American consumers,” he said.

Gaucho Group Holdings also owns and operates Algodon Wine Estates, a boutique Mendoza winery located in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Pintadas, in the southernmost region of Argentina’s wine capital. The 325 acres of vines is fed by the purest meltwater from the glacial Andes, producing exceptional fruit on sandy and clay loam.

Gaucho Group Holdings also owns and operates Algodon Wine Estates, a boutique Mendoza winery located in the southernmost region of Argentina’s wine capital.

“Our goal is to produce premium wines utilizing ecofriendly, organic-inspired approaches, combined with the best modern winemaking technology,” said winemaker Mauro Nosenzo.

Nosenzo is assisted by Master of Wine Anthony Foster and the collective winemaking team that brings decades of experience, craftsmanship and tradition, which has been passed down for generations.

Authentic experience, limitless options

In addition to clothing and wine, Gaucho Group Holdings is also known for its portfolio of real estate located in Argentina. The company boasts access to luxurious boutique hotels and a 4,138-acre luxury vineyard real estate development nestled in the heart of Argentina.

The expansive premises include two award-winning boutique hotels and restaurants, a scenic winery with mountain views, a nine-hole golf course and a tennis center. With guests raving about the top-of-the-line facilities, exquisite lounging and leisurely recreation, Gaucho Group Holdings delivers an experiential package that reflects Argentina’s rich heritage and modern refinements.

“From experienced travelers seeking an authentic experience, to burnt-out workers looking to get away from the 9-to-5 life, Gaucho has an adventure to offer,” said Mathis. “The options are limitless: a morning dip at the rooftop terrace pool, a breakfast bite at our Belle Époque styled mansion in Buenos Aires’ most elegant neighborhood, a hike along the beautiful vineyards and some putts on the green, wine testing and Argentine steak at our estate in Mendoza’s wine country.”

Gaucho Holding's integrated business model uniquely positions it as the only company in the world to provide end-to-end experiences for shoppers and travelers hoping to discover Argentina. To learn more about Gaucho Group Holdings and all its products and services, please visit Gaucho Group Holdings, Inc., is publicly traded on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol VINO.

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