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Source: Numeral

By combining the gaucho origins and the eclectic and contemporary culture of Buenos Aires, Gaucho - Buenos Aires creates collections of prèt - â - porter clothing from indigenous noble materials and craft techniques that allow the development of original and representative pieces of contemporary expression of luxury.

The brand, founded by Scott Mathis, and in charge in Argentina of Santiago Gallo - in the Creative Direction - and Carmen Vils - Designer of the collection of Prèt - Porter - together with a wide work team, Gaucho - Buenos Aires is inspired by the beauty epoque porteña, adopting the elegant and European style of that time and in the gaucho culture, marked by the strength, honor and integrity of the gaucho. A combination of past eras, is added a sophisticated, contemporary and global look from a meticulous and dedicated work.

Gaucho - Buenos Aires presents its two lines. Prêt a Porter, with its collection for men and women, and The Basics with ponchos, leather jackets, t-shirts, sweaters, hats and divers. The debut collection Resort 2019, called "Origin", is inspired by the Argentine culture, both the gaucho and our ancestors from Europe and how these two parts are integrated into our contemporary Buenos Aires. Garments with ties, clips and boards, add to capture the reformulation of gaucho typologies but with a more contemporary imprint; asymmetries and presence of certain extra corporal volumes.

A line of high impact tailoring. For men, with a more feminine side and for women, with a more masculine side. Jacquard, natural silk, gauze, crepe, noble cotton, paillette, come to an elegant and diverse collection. Hats, embroidery and hand knitting are part of the line. Fabrics in merino wool and organic cotton - materials chosen especially for their native origin -, reach a high-end line imagined by the creators of Gaucho - Buenos Aires with a language of urban elegance. The firm identifies itself as an ecologically responsible company, using organic wool and cotton, natural dyes, as well as in the conscience of animal treatment for most of its garments; also using raw materials from the north to the south of the Argentine territory.