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The Casa Nieto Senetiner in Recoleta is a unique venue for wine tastings, courses and corporate events. From Salta to Mendoza to the Patagonia, more Argentine wineries are realizing you can’t spell “bodega” without BA. No longer content with just selling wine, more Argentine vineyards are creating unique spaces where they can envelop both clients and customers with the total vineyard experience.

Clarin’s Oscar Martinez says Buenos Aires real estate has played a starring role in the seduction, as more historic buildings and prime corner parcels become the BA portal to enjoying some iconic brands and premium wines. Martinez says Nieto Senetiner was one of the pioneers of the movement, having opened the Casa Nieto Senetiner in 2002, a sommelier school in Recoleta which is free and open to the public.

More recently, Palermo Soho and Hollywood have been the destinations of choice for Argentine wineries seeking to bring the vineyard experience to porteños and foreign visitors alike. Next to its Palermo distribution center, Bodegas López has a large lounge for wine tastings and presentations. Just a few blocks away, Bodega del Fin del Mundo opened a restaurant called the Experiencia Fin del Mundo where tastings, courses and activities take place year-round.

For a more intimate wine experience, Salta’s Bodega El Esteco takes over different BA homes and opens the doors for three months (October-December) as a platform for educating and networking with other Grupo Peñaflor members. And for a truly unique vineyard experience, Martinez points to the Algodon Mansion in Recoleta. The Relais & Chateaux member hotel is the perfect venue for experiencing the award-winning wines and olive oil from the company’s vineyard in San Rafael, Algodon Wine Estates.

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