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Source: WineSur
By: Maria Jose Merino

“Bodegas de Argentina” invites to discover a new offer combining sport and wine. The first stage of the circuit will begin in April.

This new product joins an elite sport, as it is golf, to amazing natural surroundings of mountains and vineyards. The initiative came up from Bodegas de Argentina and Andina MP&B, a company devoted to the production and organization of events. Besides, it counts on the support of the Government of Mendoza as host venue, in charge of its promotion.

“It is an innovative product, which involves wineries but will invite other golf courses to be part of it,” explained Juan Carlos Pina, Bodegas de Argentina’s manager.

For his part, Guillermo Baletta, coordinator of Tourism Department of the entity stated: “the circuit seizes the potential of 3 courses of Mendoza located amidst the vineyards: Tupungato Winelands, Atamisque and Algodon Wine Estates, and a guest course: Vacherie Country Golf. The aim is that wineries not owning golf course can have also the chance of linking their wines with such an interesting sport as golf. Bodegas de Argentina is also looking for the participation of other provinces in the circuit. The event will start and end in Mendoza, and the idea is that winners resulting from the different stages taking place in other provinces will play a final match for a greater prize.”

Barletta added: “Our idea is that this product gets established and becomes a cyclical circuit. This is a long-term project. We would like to invite, in a future, professional players or organize an international circuit with the participation of other wine regions.”

Dates and places

With the purpose of seizing the Wine Routes’ beauties, the first stage of the circuit will pass through four destinations within Mendoza, offering natural scenes.

1st date: Saturday, April 14 – Tupungato Winelands, in Tupungato.

2nd date: Saturday, April 28 – Algodon Wine Estates, in San Rafael, 250 km to the South of Mendoza City.

3rd date: Saturday, May 12 – La Vacherie Country Golf, in Luján de Cuyo.

4th date: Saturday, May 19 – Atamisque: one of Mendoza’s latest wine and sports projects in terms of golf, located in Tupungato. Atamisque embodies its owners’ French charm combined with the incredible landscape.

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