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Spring in Buenos Aires is something special. The weather is perfect, polo season is in full swing and thoughts are turning toward holiday parties in December and summer vacations in January. With so much on the business and social calendar, it takes a special event to pull us out of BA, and that’s exactly why we took the short flight to San Rafael, Mendoza.

The luxury ambassadors at Algodon Wine Estates invited us to their 2011 Spring Party (Video) amid the towering alamos of their beautiful 2,000-acre development and the weekend, like our initial stay in April, exceeded our expectations. The crowd gathered was a wonderful mix of familiar faces and a fresh wave of newcomers to the Algodon lifestyle.

After a crisp morning run through the vineyards and a round of golf in the afternoon, the party was soon underway at Chez Gaston. Aside from the food and festivities, the real stars of the evening were the Algodon Wines from the 2009 harvest making their debut at the Spring Party. The combination of glacial runoff from the snow-capped Andes mixed with Algodon vines dating back to the 1940?s continues to deliver outstanding wines, and 2009 was no exception.

The evening also marked the great unveiling of the Luxury Villages and Available Homesites for those seeking to Live the Winemaker’s Dream year-round at Algodon Wine Estates. AWE features over 600 vineyard estates available for private sale and development with properties range from .5 acre lots to 7 acre vineyard estate homesites.

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