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It’s been one month since we officially fell in love with San Rafael, a beautiful corner of Mendoza teeming with lush vineyards, charming architecture and awe-inspiring views of the Sierra Pintadas. A long weekend at Algodon Wine Estates offered the perfect elixir of relaxation, fine wine, natural beauty and even a round of golf amid half-century-old vineyards. Two emotions defined the return flight to BA: sadness over leaving mixed with elation over discovering a hidden gem only a few knew about…until now.

CNN Money just released their picks for “4 Great Places to Retire” and San Rafael was one of only four destinations in the world chosen by the editorial staff. While three of the destinations included a college town (Athens, Georgia), a big city (Seattle) and a mountain town (St. George, Utah) in the U.S., San Rafael was the only overseas destination chosen “for the intrepid traveler.” The Fortune blog described the city with a population of 173,000 as being very affordable with “plenty of amenities,” and “the feel of a small European town.”

CNN Money says San Rafael’s charms are beginning to lure expats from the U.S., Canada and Europe in search of a unique retirement destination where those with an active lifestyle and an entrepreneurial spirit are finding “un paraiso argentino.” The only challenge, Fortune says, “figuring out real estate can be tricky.”

New York-based DPEC Partners to the rescue. Based on our experience in Bonarda Country, we believe Algodon Wine Estates is the perfect destination for expats looking to live the winemaker’s dream with championship golf, tennis, polo, horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking all in your backyard. Intrepid Travelers Unite!

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