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By: The Globetrotting Gourmet

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Algodon Mansion
Where is it: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Romantic reason to book: Every sexy capital requires a suitably sophisticated hotel – Algodon Mansion, in the city’s chic Recoleta district is Buenos Aires newest haute hideaway. The brainchild of the team behind Algodon Wine Estates, the building was built in 1912 and renovated in grand Belle Époque design. Décor is decadent – 10 sprawling suites are lavished with B&B and Cappellini furniture, Italian marble, hand-carved stone, original artwork, and feature private views of a four-story waterfall and hanging garden.

Need another sexy reason to honeymoon in Buenos Aires? It’s internationally known as the birthplace of tango, one of the most romantic types of dance ever created. Similar to walking, one foot moves on one musical note, while the other follows on the next note; the woman seduces, her male partner leads. Places where people dance Tango are called “Milonga” and some of the best known are Bien Porteño (classes for all levels), Confitería Ideal (a classic housed in a historic building, attracts all ages and nationalities), and La Viruta Tango (informal setting, for young and old Argentine dancers).

What It Costs: Rooms start at $640 a night.

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