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Source: New York Times, Style Magazine

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Considering how things go in Argentina — military coups, economic insolvency and, most recently, a coin shortage — the fantastically posh Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta is still going strong. Its bosky streets are lined with embassies, museums and belle époque mansions that occupy entire blocks. It’s one big architectural pageant. And so, as legacy would have it, Recoleta remains a magnet for upscale boutiques and hotels like the new Algodon Mansion, which opened last month.

The New York-based development firm Invest Property Group, which is also responsible for the Algodon Wine and Golf Estates in Argentina’s Mendoza region, turned the six-story 1912 mansion into 10 sleek suites with ebony floors and furniture from B&B Italia and Capelinni. French limestone and Calacatta marble deck the bathrooms, giving them the look of baroque mausoleum on the Appian Way (if such a thing also had an oversize steam shower). The Royal Suites, starting at $1,815 per night, come with courtesy pajamas, a baby grand piano, a wine tasting set and a personal chef. If you must, you can rent out the entire mansion for about $20,000 a day.
Chez NousCourtesy of Algodon Mansion Chez Nous.

Algodon’s Argentine and French fusion restaurant, Chez Nous, serves simple but excellently done dishes like seared sea scallops and those famous Argentine steaks, and it’s unexpectedly laid back, with just 50 seats. The Cognac Bar is where you can wrap up an evening like a Victorian gentleman, with a vintage tipple and a hand-rolled cigar. And for a rare Buenos Aires sight, there’s a pool and a cocktail lounge on the roof. They share the top of the building with the 95° Spa, where the menu lists a selection of “vine therapies,” including massages, facials and rubs, that use ingredients from Algodon’s wine estate in Mendoza.

Should Algodon’s entertainments wear thin, a walk around Recoleta is always a nice distraction. Nearby are the Recoleta Cemetery and the National Museum of Fine Arts, as well as hundreds of boulevard boutiques and cafes. At night it’s calm and quiet, and the mansions’ big windows glow with soft yellow light. Especially then is Recoleta all about wealth on parade — another reason why the Algodon Mansion feels right at home.

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