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Source: Los Andes Newspaper

Wine tourism, a magnet for VIPs. The wine industry has experienced a major breakthrough in recent years that allowed a breakthrough, not only in quality but in the increase in serious projects with vision based on the highest standards of quality.

This allowed positioning of Argentine wines in a formidable, marking a before and after in terms of expanding technology, knowledge and development, and of course the final products.

Tourism development has not been alien to this growth as we say today, wine tourism is the sector most luxurious product development are unthinkable until 10 years ago.

Services in the cellars, exclusive hotels, large and boutique, working on a range of international sophistication, not for anything Mendoza was selected as the 8th. Wine's Capital.

Obviously, much to the destination is known worldwide as "luxury". I think the role of the state is vital for private we can move ahead and invest, there are issues such as insecurity which directly attack the industry, the lack of road infrastructure, the news about the social and economic situation sometimes scaring the segment. Moreover, it is necessary for growth and development plan agreed in the whole province.

Oasis developing South. San Rafael is slowly undergoing a revolution in the quality of their wines and a considerable growth of enterprises who commune with emerging global trends.

Many hotels, restaurants and service providers have joined with new ideas and so many others who worked, are reinventing themselves, which points towards a development in the medium term good that promote competition within the market. In this context, Wine tourism is something new that is trying to find their own identity, and probably take some time to fully develop the wine route south of the oasis.

As far as luxury tourism and specifically the luxury wine tourism Algodon Wine Estates believes Mendoza is a very important role since it is part of a large group of enterprises that understand the challenges leaders and worked to change and make grow the region leading the bid.

Algodon was one that brought the wine cellar and farm life with sports top, first with golf, then tennis and soon with pole. It also seeks to offer a place for all lovers of good living, those who enjoy the flavors and genuine experiences that so often vanish in noisy modern life.

Golfing body vines and fruit from our farm, have the opportunity to learn and participate, if the intention-to country life, taste wine in the shade of olive trees in 50 years to feel the taste of cooking once with smoke flavorings with the freshness of fresh-picked produce, flavored with olive oil also prepare all this with the service and presentation to meet the highest standards, is an experience that is priceless.

Just as the warmth and comfort of our lodge, with its spacious rooms, galleries, swimming pool, accommodation and amenities distinguished-that unites us with our Cotton Mansion luxury hotel in Buenos Aires, complete the experience.

Permanently we devised new luxury products to surprise guests. This time the novelty is that cotton will pioneer the Truffle, by the end of 2010 will advance together with other producers in the area to ensure that the activity is declared of regional interest. Thus San Rafael will have more tools on the way to the VIP tourism.

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