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Source: Mirabaires
By: Florencia Vrljicak


It is truly exciting to see so often in the midst of challenges in politically and economically, Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Argentina all love to return to the investor groups that-which-preteens want to invest all their dreams, aspirations and money, intending to conquer them and set new standards of luxury and sophistication, at international level.

Such is the case that InvestProperty Group, headquartered in New York, was created to develop properties and Hotels related to a lifestyle of luxury through its brand and Algodon in Argentina has already invested tens of millions of dollars.

In Mendoza, the group already has a 830-acre property includes mature olive trees, walnut trees, ponds and 120 hectares of vineyards designed with the goal of producing top quality wines.

And your hotel in Buenos Aires Algodon Mansion is the latest fruit of this love, without having opened yet, and have yielded better results from the merger of the best of international training and more thorough local production, both level of human and natural resources.

About Algodon Mansion and Chez Nous

Located in the heart of Recoleta and French in a renovated mansion in 1912, Algodon Mansion aims to position itself as one of the most renowned hotels in the world, offering ten very exclusive suites, a restaurant, a bar and a spa.

Last week, his manager Paul Veloso called us - along a handful of friends and journalists - to present what will be its most exquisite (literally) production: Chez Nous Restaurant. A restaurant with capacity for only 60 seats that will open in mid-year, on the ground floor.

Chez Nous Restaurant feature addresses the proposal of its Executive Chef, Antonio Soriano, a young French native who after his experience with culinary legend Alain Senderens, Dominique Bouchet, Philippe Legendre and Didier Piateck, will combine European recipes with cooking traditional Argentina, using only fresh seasonal products (some produced on farms of the same investors Mendoza), such as olive oil, fruits, smoked foods and wines Chardonnay 2008 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 and Algodon Estates, we taste next to the menu .

The restaurant will feature a main dining area, a private lounge with champagne and humidors for cigars, and a sumptuous glazed patio.

Buttery provide inputs, such as Le Toro Andalou ¨ ¨ (Red Tuna Tartare with cucumber gazpacho and emulsion) and perfumed ¨ Chèvre Chaud et ses Betteraves en Couleurs ¨ (goat cheese with beets to the salt and orange salad ) logradísimos first courses, such as subtle ¨ L'Agneau des Pampas et ses Morilles, Aubergine et Pommes de Terre en fumée ¨ (Lamb stuffed with morels pampas, the Andes Andean potatoes and smoked eggplant puree), the ¨ Saumomm, tomatoes fenouil candy tartare et juste et grilles ¨, ¨ the sparkling Saumomm, tomato tartare et juste et fenouil candy grilles ¨ (Poached Salmon with blend of tea "WMO" of Tealosophy, five tomato tartare and grilled fennel confit sauce and celery Cognac) and the sumptuous "Tour au chocolat" (8 different textures bitter Belgian chocolate with 70% milk) for dessert.

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