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Source: Elite Traveler
By: Larry Olmsted

Bespoke suits, shirts and shoes all fit you better than mass-produces alternatives. The same is true for wine. The most innovative vintners are encouraging clients to customize wines to personal tastes.

Algodon Wine Estates

Algodon, just outside Mendoza, Argentina, is one of the world's premier wine-centric communities, offering homes with private vineyards, a golf course and hotel. Homeowners participate in the on-site vineyard, and now so can everyone else. Take part in choosing the type of barrel oak, then select the grapes from local varietals like Malbec or Syrah. And, in a bit of a twist, you will own your own barrels, which can be reused to yield nearly 900 bottles over three vintages. Barrel ownership also includes two nights lodging at the end of the first aging period to watch your wine at a formative time. Clients can also track the whole proces online. With top quality French Oak, the three-year price starts at $10,500.

Contact: Founder and Chairman Scott L. Mathis

(212) 739-7650


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