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Source: Diario UNO


TENNIS. Amidst olive trees and vineyards, surrounded by a golf course, and with the backdrop of the Andean foothills, José Luis Clerc officially announced the beginning of construction of the 11 courts that will provide the foundation for his academy, where official ATP tournaments are slated to be held, all on the immense property of the Algodon Wine Estates company.

Algodon's property, financed with capital from the U.S., is located 20 kilometers from San Rafael, in the Cuadro Benegas district, just before arriving at the region known as the Cuesta de los Terneros.

There, under Clerc's direction, and with a 1 million dollar investment, 11 tennis courts will be built (9 clay, one grass, and one hard-court), as well a mini-stadium with a capacity for around 1,000 spectators.

Visibly excited, "Batata" Clerc described the project, to be completed in October, and poised to hold its first tournament in November, while frequently pointing out that it will be the only one of its kind in Argentina.

The idea in the future is to build a school as well. "I am certain that both the Mayor and Governor will support this project, given that it is unique in all of Latin America". "Today I arrived from Colombia", confessed Clerc, "and the press there already knew about the project".

Regarding the mini-stadium, the idea is that it will be designed along the same lines as the facilities that host the Monte Carlo Tournament, where you can eat or have a drink on the second floor, while watching the game below.

"This doesn't end with an international-level tennis academy. There will be a mini-stadium where we plan to hold challenger tournaments with 75,000 dollars in prizes, as well as youth tournaments. It won't only be for expert players. There are already 10 rooms, a golf course in the middle of the vineyards, and in a couple of years, there will be a five star hotel. I honestly can't believe it, it's a dream of mine that came true in my country" said the ex number 4 ranked player in the world.

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