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Source: Diario San Rafael

3-9-09.jpgDirector of the Algodon Wine Estates Tennis Academy, Mr. José Luis Clerc with Algodon Wine Estate’s CEO and founder, Mr. Scott Mathis; celebrated design architect for Algodon properties, Gerhard Heusch and other members of the San Rafael Tennis Club.

José Luis Clerc visited our city recently to present a project involving a tennis academy that will operate at the Algodon Wine Estates, in the Cuadro Benegas district. He gave a short clinic for children, signed autographs, took pictures with fans, and generally entertained the large audience that filled the San Rafael Tennis Club.

Although no precise date was set, the former 4th ranked player in the world announced that within the next few months, an important academy will be inaugurated, focused on the initiation, and preparation of children and youths, preferably from the Cuyo region. It is worth pointing out that Clerc already has a similar establishment in Parque Roca, in Capital Federal (Buenos Aires).

He declined to comment on Argentina's new Davis Cup captain, Modesto Vasquez (he preferred Mastelli), although he did state that he would be supporting the players who participate in the tournament, given the importance of international tennis.

He assured that Argentina would easily win its series against Holland, to be played between the 6th and 8th of March, and that after that series the real challenge would begin. He noted that the pressure to win the "Silver Salad Bowl" would only increase, something that could work against any player called to participate.

Finally, he declared that the growth and the "popularity" achieved by this sport in our country in recent years have been remarkable. This is due largely to the achievements of local tennis players, especially the very young ones, who are mirrors for kids, and serve as motivation for them to constantly train and improve in order to "make it."

"Mr. Tennis" as he is called in the circuit, passed through our county and proved that his nickname is well earned, given his cordiality and excellent predisposition towards everyone who came up to talk to him.

A great one, with a serious and important project that will have San Rafael as its base. Reason enough to get excited about it.

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