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The necessity of planting more vineyards

One the most important companies based in San Rafael, Algodon Wine Estates, decided to invest in it wine production. During the 2008 13.5 hectares of vines have being added to the original property, and the company decided to invest on the vines technology as hail protection covers, and other complements which involved an investment of more than AR$200.000.

Diego Coll Benegas, Director of Project Development, Tourism & Hospitality of AWE said “we just studied the different land layers in order to know it quality and composition which will represent an optimization of the land works and to create better quality vineyards”.

The investment on the winery where, 10 stainless steel tanks for fermentation, 70 new American and French oak barrels and a new refrigeration system for controlling the fermentation temperature on the stainless steel tanks and the concrete pools. Mr. Coll Benegas also mention that on 2009 the company is planning to plant new vines and making more investments on the wine production which might be around AR$500.000.