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Source: Uno Edicion Impresa
By: Javier Martín

"Batata" was at the San Rafael Tennis Club to hold several clinics, and to announce the opening of a tennis academy. "It's going to be the best in Latin America," he commented.

One of the greatest Argentine tennis players in the history of the game, José Luis Clerc, was in San Rafael, were he is planning to open what he said will be the "best tennis academy in Latin America."

Clerc arrived almost by surprise at the San Rafael Tennis Club where he gave a few clinics, and took the opportunity to announce the Algodon Wine Estates project, which includes a tennis academy in Cuadro Banegas, which will boast, among other things, 10 tennis courts and a mini-stadium, all situated among the vineyards.

-What is the academy project all about?
-The Algodon project is real, concrete, and extraordinary. Not only will it carry my name, but I will be coming there to work as well. We are going to build a mini-stadium and host professional tournaments. I am aiming to have an international tennis academy in Argentina, something the country doesn't have yet. The concept of the tennis academy is more American; it will provide formation in tennis, and education as well.

-What is your opinion of Argentine tennis at this moment?
-It's wonderful; it is one of the most recognized Argentine sports in the world, together with football. Unfortunately we couldn't win the Davis Cup, which was fundamental.

-That opportunity was missed due to purely tennis-related issues, or was it something extra?
-I think it was just tennis. The guys knew that even with Nadal not coming that it would be very difficult. Spain was able to take advantage of all the pressure, and a new idol, Feliciano López, was born. When Juan Martín del Potro lost, everything depended on doubles, and when that point was lost, the difference became too large to overcome.

-Does Argentina need doubles specialists?
-Argentina was always characterized that way; Vilas and Clerc weren't doubles players, and yet we played really well. I think it has to do with something else; Spain knew how to take advantage of the Argentine player's nervousness.

-Can we win the Davis Cup?
-It's getting harder and harder. The most important thing here is the draw. Now we are going to beat Holland 5-0; their highest ranked player is number 177 in the world. Then some really tough games are coming, either the Czech Republic, or France. For me, we'll have to face France, and beating them on their turf will be complicated.

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