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Algodon Wine Estates Barrel Ownership Program

barrel up!

You fantasize about quitting your job, buying a vineyard in South America, blogging about it, then selling the book rights for millions.

As close as you'll likely get? The Algodon Wine Estates Barrel Ownership program.

Here's how it works: You (or a group of pals) purchase a barrel (which costs upwards of $5,000) to make your very own vino, complete with a custom label. Choose from a number of varietals - malbec, syrah, cab sav, merlot, bonarda, and chardonnay.

Like any decent winemaker, you must taste your offerings firsthand, which the vineyard makes easy with a complimentary two-night stay at an Argentine resort.

Soon after, you'll be the proud maker/owner of about 290 bottles of Argentina's finest.

That's living the South American dream.

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