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Source: Continental Airlines Magazine
By: Colin Barraclough

The Algodon Mansion in Buenos Aires strives to blend the atmosphere of Harlem’s Cotton Club in its 1920s heyday with the Belle époque glamour of Argentina’s golden years. Is it historically accurate? Who cares when you’re tinkling on a grand piano in one of the two 1,700-square-foot suites, or sunbathing in a lounge chair by the rooftop pool. The 10-room hotel, housed in a French classical mansion built in 1912, opens in April in ritzy Recoleta, where it rubs shoulders with top-end rivals. Guests, attended by a personal butler, will be soothed by a free massage on arrival and receive a free bottle of the hotel’s private-label wine. Another highlight is the four-story waterfall visible from every room.

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