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Source: Wine Sur
By: Ma. Soledad Gonzalez

Diego Coll, Tourism Manager at Algodón Wine Estates - Viñas del Golf, commented that for the new summer season, "in addition to the full moon parties and the total moon eclipse events, we have horseback riding and cycling activities around the 800-hectare estate. These activities start in December and are available for guests staying at the company's hotel and daily visitors. The combination of great pleasures such as wine, gastronomy, golf and relaxation all in the same space enables us to offer a great variety of products related to these activities."

Wine tourism figures

The data provided by Bodegas de Argentina indicate that:

- During 2007, 1,100,000 visitors toured the Wine Routes of Argentina.

- The growth of the number of tourists visiting the Argentinian Wine Routes has amounted to 118%, a figure considerably higher than the total growth of 2007 (21%)

- Mendoza province is still the leader in terms of the amount of tourists visiting the Wine Routes, but San Juan has maintained the same figures and Salta has seen its visitor numbers rise considerably.

- Mendoza is also the province with the highest amount of wineries offering tourism activities, compared to the rest of the wine provinces.

- During 2007, the amount of foreign tourists visiting the wineries grew by 11%. This reflects the worldwide reputation that the Argentinian Wine Routes are gaining. Argentinian tourists are mainly from Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Santa Fe and La Pampa, while most of international visitors come from Brazil, the United States, Mexico, Chile and England (in that order).

- 84% of tourists are younger than 55 years old, and 54% of them are women.

- Internet, public tourism information booths, and word of mouth are the main means through which tourist learn about the wineries and their activities.

- Shopping and leisure are the major motivations for tourists to visit Argentinian wineries.

- Once the tour has concluded, 70% of tourists buy wine at the winery.

- 52 % of wineries offer promotional material in their sales area. This is evidence of the varied offer for tourists.

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