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The Mendoza Province, located northwest of Buenos Aires' urban metropolis, is an oasis of natural resources and agricultural prosperity. Mendoza is responsible for more than 70 percent of the country's wine production, an impressive number when considering that Argentina is the fifth-largest producer of wine in the world. The commitment that Argentine winemakers have made to staying on top of the latest worldwide technological advancements has the wine world buzzing, and has redefined Argentina's place among the world's leading wine producers.

Located in San Rafael, Mendoza, a region often referred to as the Napa Valley of Argentina, the Algodon Wine Estates features luxury accommodations for tourists, as well as the opportunity for buyers to own a piece of the vineyard.

More than 200 homesites are currently being developed for private sale throughout the estates, allowing owners essentially to become winemakers, but without the usual hassles involved. The vineyards may be tended, processed and harvested by the estate's staff, and owners can be involved as much or as little as they desire in the overall process. Once bottled, the wine can be personally labeled and shipped to a location of choice.

Architects Bormida & Yanzon have designed the master plan of Algodon Wine Estates to include six distinct villages that collectively include 300 homesites, ranging between one to 15 acres each, as well as approximately 50 condominium-style casita townhomes and approximately 12 tennis villas for private sale and development.

Algodon Wine Estates embraces eco-friendly concepts such as biodynamic and organic crops, permaculture design and self-sufficient management. The community will feature the use of renewable energy, including solar energy, as well as clean-combustion power-generating sources. The estates also have potential in regards to self-sufficient food production, including, but not limited to, various fruits and vegetables as well as a cattle and dairy farm.

The property is also comprised of a golf estate, two traditional Mendocinian lodges, a clubhouse, tennis courts, an award-winning restaurant specializing in authentic Argentinean cuisine, a swimming pool and library. There are also plans for a new luxury hotel, the development of an olive oil bottling center, an equestrian center and polo fields.

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Location-San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina
Housing Type-Homesites and villas
Number of Units-301 homesites, 62 villas
Price Range-$52,000 to $630,000
Delivery Date-First phase - late 2009
Architect-Bormida & Yanzon, Gerhard Heusch
Developer-InvestProperty Group

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