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Source: Clarin
By: Ricardo Marchetti


The development will feature two golf courses and a private winery. Lot prices start at USD 100,000.

If we add the imposing valley and mountains landscape and the enthusiasm of those who envisioned its tourism potential to the backing of a great company, then we have the necessary factors for a superb real-estate equation.

The mega-development Algodon Wine Estates Viñas del Golf, located in San Rafael, Mendoza, with 296.4 acres of vineyards in full production since 1995 is now at hand.

A fully operative lodge with 8 suites so far -although under constant expansion- and the commencement of commercialization of the first 130 lots around an18-hole golf course (9 of which are finished) complete the picture for this initial stage.

Master Plan

The master plan for this major project contemplates the development of a total 2,032 acres in which an additional 18-hole 617.5-acre golf course will be constructed inside a sector identified as Wine & Desert Golf Village. This course will be surrounded by 50 lots of 215.100 square ft. each.

Both courses will share a common club house to be erected in the dividing border of the valley and the desert.

The development will also count with an area located at a distance from the social sector, for those who prefer quietness. This is the Wine & Fincas Valley, featuring 3.7 to 12.3-acre parcels planted with fruit trees, vineyards and olive trees.

Although the initial Jurado's intention -Ricardo Sr. and Jr.-, promoters of the original project, was to combine their two great passions (golf and wine elaboration), other disciplines such as tennis, polo and horse riding will also be present with the appropriate infrastructure.

In this initial stage, 0.98 to 9.8-acre lots will be available for sale, starting from USD 100,000.

As an added value, we can point out that each proprietor will receive, annually, 300 bottles of wine from the 98.8 acres of common vineyards. Furthermore, proprietors will have the option to age their wines in barrels for up to three years.

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