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Source: Affordable Millioniare
By: Karen Kennaby

When I first had the concept of Affordable Millionaire my whole idea was that people, our Partners, could live the life of the rich and famous without necessarily having the bank balance to match. To re-enforce this we are doing a series on people who have properties around the world ie who are living the international lifestyle so many of us desire, but leading into opportunities for you to buy into this lifestyle the Affordable Millionaire way.
-- Karen Kennaby

For this first article Karen Kennaby recently met up with Gerhard Heusch, internationally renowned architect and keen polo player, in Paris to talk about property, polo and…fractional ownership. Gerhard owns property in Los Angeles, Aachen and Buenos Aires and it is because of the Buenos Aires connection that he was a perfect "subject" for this first article.

I asked Gerhard which of the places where he has a property (Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and Aachen) he considers home. Whilst his favourite house is the stunning Neutra (one of modernisms most important architects) influenced one he designed for himself in LA, and he enjoys Los Angeles for its climate and geography, he reflectively admitted that he is a European at heart and that the European feel of Buenos Aires really suits him best – that and the polo! This is why I feel it is such an ideal option for our Partners too.

Polo became a favourite pastime in Los Angeles when, a keen horseman already, his friends encouraged him to start playing. Polo is known to be totally addictive and Gerhard plays as often as he can both in LA and Buenos Aires where he has a traditional ranch, and several polo ponies. We talked about the possibility of Affordable Millionaire Members and Partners sponsoring a team or a match, so any interested parties please let me know. This is something we could tie in with the completion of the project at El Malacate.

Gerhard has designed several restaurants such as the Grand Havana Room in Los Angeles and New York, and New York's Cello Restaurant, plus many private luxury residences in Paris, Malibu and Beverley Hills and various hotel and other commercial projects. He is currently working on a number of projects and was in Paris to discuss a new one, which at this stage is confidential, except to say that it is for a stunning, totally unique, high end property to be fractionally owned so…we'll keep you posted!

Another project which I can mention, and which builds on the Buenos Aires connection, is a boutique hotel in Buenos Aires – the Algodon Recoleta Hotel which he is designing in partnership with Invest Property Group and is due to open in the autumn of 2008 – it sounds absolutely delightful, so definitely somewhere to plan to stay. ( has excellent information about Argentina and Buenos Aires)

When I asked Gerhard about the location of El Malacate, the property that Affordable Millionaire is offering to Partners the opportunity to buy into just outside Buenos Aires, he was very enthusiastic about the area it is in – Capilla del Senor, and I was delighted to hear that he felt it would be an ideal location. Indeed it is very close to his own ranch style property which he has developed considerably and where he keeps his polo ponies.

Inspired by mention of some of the architects who influence Gerhard and his designs such as Neutra and Tadao Ando, I have since discovered the Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture and am thrilled by many of the incredible designs. So, another unexpected bonus of a very enjoyable meeting.

To find out more about the firm Gerhard founded in 1991 Heusch, Inc with offices in Los Angeles and Paris, and their specialised and acclaimed work on nearly 100 projects around the world, log onto . In fact I would urge you to look at the many stunning and varied projects showcased on the website from this innovative firm.

Thank you to Gerhard Heusch for taking time out to join me and now I would like to invite you to share this lifestyle yourself, you too can have another home in Buenos Aires with Affordable Millionaire…