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Source: LinkedIn
By: Aldo Leporati

According to the last report of Markets and Economy of the consultant Delphos, the reason is the combination of a better harvest that will reach 118 million tons (mill / tn), against 99 of 2018, and very close to 123 of 2016 / 17. These higher exports and lower import requirements for commodities for the agricultural sector, would lead to an expansion of the supply of foreign currency compared to the previous crop of around 6,000 million dollars.

They emphasize that the increase in the quantities produced is generated by the side of the star product, soybeans, which suffered a reduction in its production of 17.5 mill / ton compared to 2016/17 and of which a return of 55 mill tn. On the other hand, they indicate that the evolution for corn and wheat is different, since they are the main beneficiaries of the elimination of the retentions and their harvests are maintained at constant and practically unchanged levels.