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Source: Linkedin News
By: Aldo Leporati

Wheat is the big bet of the producers after the drought. According to the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange, this year the Wheat Gross Product (PBT) will be located in us$ 3591 million against us$ 1545 million in 2015. After the removal of the wheat retentions as soon as the current Government took office, the PBT will exhibit this year a growth of 132% versus what it represented in 2015, the last cycle with export rights and obstacles to the trade of this cereal in the Kirchner government. In addition, due to the greater movement and collection through other taxes, the State will be raising us$ 725 million, 29% more than in 2015.

According to the report, contemplating the expenses in inputs and labor, the investment in primary production would total about us$ 2,100 million for this new campaign, with an increase of 15.4% compared to the previous cycle. It is worth remembering that a sowing of 6.1 million hectares is expected, which can leave a record production of more than 19 million tons, an improvement of 7% compared to the past agricultural cycle.