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Source: Linkedin News
By: Aldo Leporati

This was recorded by the latest edition of the Global CEO Outlook 2018 survey of the KPMG consultancy conducted at 1,300 CEOs of the world's leading companies in February and presented a few days ago. Among that total, 278 correspond to Latin America, and 50 are from Argentina in 11 sectors: administration, automotive, banks, consumer and retail, energy, infrastructure, insurance, health, production, technology and telecommunications.

In addition, Argentine CEOs believe that the increase in production is the most important strategy to achieve growth objectives (28%), and give the same priority to mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliances (each 23 %).

Regarding the industry, 94% of those consulted believe there will be growth. In relation to the income level of their organizations, 80% of the Argentine executives consulted said that they will not exceed 2% per year, while they expect the number of employees to increase below 5% per year. According to the survey, "this% shows prudence in relation to the answers given by the executives of the central countries where they admitted that this possibility is 54%".