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Source: LinkedIn
By: Aldo Leporati

The utilization of the installed productive capacity in the industry in August was 67.3%, which represented an increase of 2.2% compared to July and 3.7% compared to the same month of 2016, reported the INDEC (National Institute of Statistics and Censuses)

The report states that in August the highest level of utilization of installed capacity corresponded to: paper blocks for packaging and paperboard (88%); basic metal industries linked to the good performance of the construction, agricultural machinery and the higher production level of certain white line segments (79,5%); non-metallic mineral products driven by the construction of both public and private works (77,1%); textile products linked to the higher level of production of cotton yarn and fabric (69%); the metalworking industry excluding the automotive sector showed the highest percentage of installed capacity utilization in the last 8 months, mainly due to growth in construction activity, some lines of durable consumption, and the automotive and agricultural sectors.

The use of installed capacity in industry is an indicator that measures the productive capacity of the industrial sector through a study involving 600 to 700 companies.