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Source: LinkedIn
By: Aldo Leporati

According to the Argentinian Beef Consortium’ (ABC) last beef export report from April 2017, China continues being the leading market in terms of volumen and value, overcoming Germany's billing levels with a middle price higher than the us$4.000 for each ton, representing 50% of Argentinian’s beef exports. Due to the importance of the market, the country is still looking forward carefully the approval of new protocols that other Asian countries with the same sanitary status have already achieved, such as beef containing bones and trifles.

Untill the new protocols are approved, Argentina looks beyond China and focuses on the opening of new markets, particularly Japan. This market, with more than 127 million people is one of the biggest world’s imports of beef and the best buyer in terms of price. To illustrate Japan current situation, the United States Department of Agriculture exposed this year that the nation will import 745.000 tons of beef vs. 719.000 comparing with 2016.