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Source: The Worldfolio

Previously a congressman, business leader, and one of Argentina’s preeminent public figures, Francisco de Narváez retired from the national spotlight in 2015.  In 2017, he returns to the scene reactivating his business expansion with global investors. He brings to Argentina the first-ever investment in the country by the firm L Catterton, which gave its vote of confidence in Mr. de Narváez’s clothing brand Rapsodia.  With the injection of L Catterton’s capital, de Narváez’s objective has been made clear: make the brand global.  He sits down with Nicolas Carver of The Worldfolio to discuss his business’s global jump, at a time when the Argentine economy at-large seeks to do the same thing.

 Argentina has undergone many large reforms: the lifting of the exchange rate clampdown, the reduction of export taxes, and the agreement with the holdouts. All these measures put Argentina under the spotlight in the international scenario. What is your view on these changes?

In order to analyze Argentina properly, you need to consider the long term. Argentina has fluctuated in the last 70 years and, contrary to other developing economies, it used to have a very prosperous economy. Between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20st, it used to be the 7th economy in the world.