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Source: LinkedIn
By: Aldo leporati

The Government wants to show its management in this election year. That is why it will launch a comprehensive federal and multimodal cargo project to multiply the number of freight trains, expand the air connection, prioritize and extend 2800 kilometers of highways throughout the country (of which 1100 are running) and carry The Metrobus to several provinces. The plan contemplates an investment of US$ 33,270 million until 2019, of which US$ 8350 million will be from the private sector.

The Macri's Government received in bad condition 40% of the routes; There were 900 works, of which 300 were inactive. Vialidad will invest some US$ 12 billion through 2019 as part of a US$ 35 billion plan that runs through 2027. There will be 2,500 kilometers of safe routes (which incorporate more width per lane, plus a third to clear the passage of the trucks) , 13,000 kilometers of rehabilitated routes, which means to execute 825 works and 250 engineering projects. Never in history has there been 1850 kilometers of highways running at the same time as it will be at the end of the year.

Today access to ports is a problem, there are trucks that can be waiting up to 5 days to download in the port of Rosario. To reverse this, us$ 656 millions will be invested in railway and road works. In Bahía Blanca works are projected for us$ 560 million.