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Source: National Post
By: Dina Mishev

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Last December, I had an urge to visit Europe — I wanted gorgeous architecture, a rich cafe culture, fabulous wine and cheese, wide avenues to stroll and narrow cobblestone streets to bike.

Instead of flying across the Atlantic though, I fly over the equator, to Buenos Aires “the Paris of Latin America” where, it was explained to me when I was there in 2012, the residents are “Italians who think they’re French and speak Spanish.”

Yes, Buenos Aires is a longer flight from my home in Wyoming than the Paris of France, and Buenos Aires is in South America and not Europe. But, between December and April, Buenos Aires is 90 degrees and sunny; winter in Europe means rain or snow and darkness. This December was a particularly cold one for Wyoming — it is about 15 degrees below zero when I board my plane at Jackson Hole Airport — so I am willing to trade Europe for a warm, sunny European-ish city.