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Source: Conde Nast Traveller
By: Jordi Lippe-McGraw


There’s plenty of reasons to book a trip to Argentina: the hiking, the scenery, the dancing, the cowboys, the food, and, of course, the wine. Well, now you can add one more to the list, because Argentina's government recently announced that all international tourists will receive a direct and automatic reimbursement of the Value Added Tax (VAT) from their hotel and lodging stays across the country.
The new refund initiative, which is a joint agreement between Argentina’s tax authority, AFIP, and the Ministry of Tourism, started January 2 and applies to all forms of accommodations ranging from five-star hotels to rural ranches and vineyard resorts. It even covers any tax associated with breakfast services if they are part of the cost of lodging. This is great news considering Argentina’s 21 percent VAT has long been one of the highest in the world, so the elimination of it for visitors will definitely result in significant savings. For example, a three-night stay at the Vines Resort & Spa in Mendoza including breakfast would cost around $2,705. With the VAT refund, you're looking at savings of about $470.