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Source: Buenos Aires Herald
By: Herald Staff

Mauricio Macri’s presidential election victory in November was a clear signal to Diego Sáez Gil that it was time to move back to Argentina and take his growing “connected luggage” startup with him.

By the time Macri took office the following month, Sáez Gil was already staffing an office for his Bluesmart baggage company in Buenos Aires’ Palermo neighbourhood, on the way to hiring 21 software developers, designers and customer support personnel — more than double the staff at its headquarters in New York.

“We started thinking about the talent we needed to scale the company, and at the same time we saw the new government,” Sáez Gil said in a telephone interview. “That was the catalyst to say Argentina seems a really good place to go.”

As he looks to grow his company, which produces luggage that automatically locks and can be tracked via a smart-phone app, Sáez Gil said his home country offers the best mix of startup-friendly cost structure and a highly educated population with engineering skills.