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Source: Mercopress

September is a crucial month for Macri, not only to turn around the Argentine economy, following on his promised second/half of the year recovery which has yet to surface and a possible cabinet reshuffle including foreign minister Susana Malcorra following her bid to succeed Ban Ki/moon at the UN seat.

But before landing in China, Macri is calling at Qatar whose leader, Sheik Tamim bin Hamad Al Thanim was recently in Buenos Aires with an interest in investing in Argentina. The Doha day visit with Macri's samll delegation is expected to take place in the same friendly spirit that a month ago in Buenos Aires when the Argentine president cut short the inauguration of his Peruvian peer to spend time with the distinguished visitor-investor.

The president's advance party in a private rented aircraft includes wife Awada, his foreign affairs advisor Fulvio Pompeo and bodyguards, while the rest of the delegation is flying directly to China. The full team is scheduled to be ready for talks on Thursday and is headed by finance minister Alfonso Prat-Gay and foreign minister Susana Malcorra.