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By: Marcus Turner

Over the last decade, Argentina has been in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons. Weathering multiple political and economic storms, its recent history has been defined by defaulting on its debts, fears of nationalization, and the age-old Argentinian rhetoric of Peronist populism.

Yet now it seems that change is on the horizon. Following the election of Mauricio Macri as president at the end of 2015, a hunger for reform has seized the nation, and its new leading light has been keen to help it regain its former place at the heart of the global markets. Nine months on, we look at how he’s doing.

Throughout the Argentinian election campaign, victor Mauricio Macri made no secret of the fact that the elected party would face a momentous challenge, and the rest of the world could hardly have doubted it either. After a decade and a half defined by political and economic upheaval within the country, his job looked set to be one of the hardest in the geopolitical sphere.