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Source: Buenos Aires Herald
By: Herald Staff

Low cost airlines will start to arrive in Argentina next year, as Ryanair co-founder Declan Ryan said yesterday it is “just a matter of time” before his firm moves into the country and others in the region.

Ryanair would use its Viva firm, which already operates in Mexico and Colombia, and would likely buy a local company to begin with. Salta’s Andes airline, which connects Buenos Aires with the country’s northern provinces, is being considered by Ryanair, according to the state-run news agency Télam — which reported that talks with Andes’ CEO Miguel Ziadi are already underway.

Ryanair would thus join Colombia’s Avianca, which took a similar route by purchasing Mc Air and is also working to open its first regional flights. A US$50-million investment is being considered by Ryanair, although the move is still subject to negotiations with the ANAC regulatory agency over which flights it could operate.According to Ryan, the firm wants to replicate the US$50 per ticket model they implemented in Europe, broadening the amount of people that pay for plane travel.