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Source: Bloomberg
By: Joel Stein

There aren’t actually that many ways to make sure everyone who comes to your house knows you’re rich. They might not know who Basquiat is or have any idea that vase is from the Ming dynasty and not Cost Plus World Market. But when guests see my wine cellar, they know for certain that I’m a horrifying snob.

That wasn’t, however, the main reason I had a wine cellar installed underneath the Los Angeles house I bought last year. I did it because I’m an idiot. We’re living in a time when there’s no need to age wine yourself. You can buy old bottles online or at stores. If you need a range of young wine to match your dinners, you can shove 28 bottles into a $250 wine refrigerator. And if you can’t stop yourself from buying two cases of magnum Bordeaux from the year your son was born so he can drink them 16 years later, you can put them in a locker in a wine storage facility, along with 10 other cases, for $170 a year, like I did while my cellar was being built.