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Source: Travel+Leisure
By: Nikki Ekstein

It’s no secret that a strong dollar translates to excellent value abroad. But there’s an art to knowing where to go to get the most bang for your buck (literally). With that in mind, we’ve ranked the world’s most affordable destinations for 2016 based off year-over-year exchange rates. The great news: this is a banner year for American travelers, with banks reporting that the dollar is the strongest it’s been since 2003. According to a report from Charles Schwab, the rise is thanks to a shrinking trade gap and a strong economy—one that’s been growing while other countries are struggling to stay apace. For American travelers, it translates to big savings—up to 40 percent, in some destinations.


1. Argentina

Year-on-year savings: 39.7%

Go ahead, splurge on that leather handbag—or an extra case of Malbec. No destination is more affordable this year than Argentina, where your money goes almost twice as far as it did in 2015. According to Expedia, flights are up to ten percent cheaper than they were last year; data also suggests you can get a four-star hotel room for an average of $55 (yes, $55!) in Buenos Aires during the month of March, which we’ve identified as the most affordable time of year to visit. Just promise us that you’ll carve out some time for some of our favorite boutique shopping—whether it’s slipping into a pair of colorful tango shoes at Flabella or getting decked out in polo wear at La Martina.