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Source: Telegraph UK

You’re spoilt for choice in the Argentinian capital. There’s San Isidro, 45 minutes from the centre, with large, expensive houses near Lincoln University College, popular with expat students.

Then there’s exclusive Recoleta, with its plazas, museums and shops. “Very popular with foreigners,” says Rosario Lix Klett, new business manager with SIR Argentina. “You can use it for two to three months a year, then rent it out the rest.” A two-bedroom flat, £140,000 to buy, will generate rental income of £650 per month.

Palermo has a “young” part (theatres, art galleries, restaurants) and a “traditional” part (zoo, parks and polo ground). The formerly downbeat dockland area Puerto Madero has been transformed with new upmarket apartments.

Despite the lingering tension over the Falklands, expats report a Brit-friendly feel to the city.

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