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Source: WineSur

Due to its natural attractions and the quality of its services, the province won a place within the ranking of the prestigious magazine Travel + Leisure. National Geographic also included it among the top of the world.

Mendoza`s landscapes of mountains and vineyards keep on dazzling tourists and winning praise from the international press.

This time, the readers of the prestigious US magazine Travel + Leisure selected the province among the top best destinations to visit in Latin America.

Nevertheless, the recognition goes beyond the magic of the wine road and the Aconcagua, since the survey also revealed some aspects such as quality hotels, leisure alternatives and other services of the tourism industry.

The magazine’s ranking is headed by the city of San Miguel de Allende, in Mexico, closely followed by Buenos Aires, while Rio de Janeiro, the capital of the “carioca” party, is in seventh place.

The last destination in this privilege ranking is Mendoza, which is presented as a whole revelation in the world of travel and pleasure. Mendoza was also selected among the “50 destinations not to be missed” in a special edition of National Geographic.

This way, the province of Mendoza achieves another star to win the international tourists` hearts, one of the driving forces of the local economy that has become more and more strong in the last decade.

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