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Source: MercoPress

An increasing number of Argentines have growing expectations about their country's economy well into 2011 when presidential elections are scheduled to take place, according to a public opinion poll published this weekend in the Buenos Aires press.

Former president Nestor Kirchner Former president Nestor Kirchner

The poll also enumerates the main issues facing the Argentines: 25% insecurity; the attitude of the political class, 19%; unemployment, 15% and economic problems, 10%.

The poll was done at the end of May by Poliarquía for La Nación and included 1.000 interviews, over 18 years of age and covering the whole country.

"In the last six months we are visualizing a slow but sustained process of positive expectations recovery and a downfall of negative expectations", said Fabian Perechodnik, director of Poliarquía.

Regarding ways to combat insecurity and growing crime statistics, an overwhelming majority (64%) pointed to a reduction in poverty and marginalization and 34% said they were inclined to more rigorous punishments to discourage criminal actions.

According to Argentine official statistics, 13.2% of Argentines are classified as poor, and another 3.5% living in indigence which means monthly income is insufficient to feed a family.

The opinion poll also shows that expectations as to the future of the economy and the overall situation of Argentina in 2011 are higher in the province of Buenos Aires (41%), the main electoral district of the country with 13.5 million people.

The poll is good news for the ruling Kirchner couple since former president Nestor Kirchner is expected to be the main candidate in October 2011 to succeed President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.