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Source: Reuters

Worldwide Investments, the UK's leading overseas property
investment company, has announced new opportunities in Brazil and

According to spokesperson, Mrs. Anna Thompson, investors would be recommended
to consider developing economies for growth opportunities as opposed to
traditional markets. She says, "South American economies are especially
developing well by comparison to mature economies in Europe. What's more,
countries such as Brazil and Argentina offer particular opportunities in
land investments on top of property investments."

Brazil is already established as one of the leading emerging markets.
According to Mrs. Thompson, "South America is currently a popular property
investment hot spot, and Brazil is no exception. Fantastic beaches,
exceptional culture, and host for the football World Cup in 2014, there are
plenty of reasons to want property in Brazil." Find out more about buying
land for sale and property for sale in Brazil.

Mrs. Thompson says that Worldwide Investments are especially recommending
clients look to Argentina, "We believe that for purely investment purposes it
is worth analysing Argentina. Argentina has long been an investment hot
spot for some of the world's wealthiest people. It has some of the world's
most fertile land and an abundance of natural resources. Many billionaires own
real estate in thriving Buenos Aires or in the beautiful Patagonia region.
Savvy investors are coming to realise that Argentina has a lot to offer."
Find out more: Investment property in Argentina and agricultural land for

Despite the current boom in emerging markets, some areas of Europe are still
worth close attention. "Germany remains the economic power house of Europe,"
Mrs. Thompson continues. "Property prices in Berlin especially have grown
more steadily and sustainably than in many other cities across Europe.
Therefore for the low risk investor, property investment in Berlin remains
an option worth considering." Find out more: Investment property in Berlin,

Mrs. Thompson adds, "While property investment is normally considered
something for the particularly wealthy, people can use them for pensions, not
least as part of an SIPP investment."

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