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In 2009 the value of Malbec exports rose by 21.5% with respect to 2008, increasing from USD 194 million to USD 235 million. Malbec exports also increased by 23.4% in volume during that period, when 6.8 million 9-liter boxes were exported.

The main export destination for this variety was the United States. The value of Malbec shipped to that country, which represented 41% of the total wine exports in 2008, went up to 48% in 2009. Exports amounted to USD 113 million and 3.2 million cases in 2009, compared to USD 80 million and 2.1 million cases in the previous year. As a result, the exports turnover increased by 41% and volume rose by 50%.

Denmark was the only country among Argentina's ten main Malbec export destinations which showed a decline in both value and volume of exported wine, amounting to 25% and 38% respectively.

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