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Source: The Economic Times

As an investment destination, Argentina offers investors a dynamic, profitable and open economy with a wide range of investment opportunities in sectors with global growth potential. Talented human resources, plentiful natural resources, vibrating culture and modern infrastructure make up a highly creative and competitive business platform. The high-quality attributes of a modern and diversified economy coincide with attractive business opportunities of expanding domestic and regional markets.

EXPORTS. Argentine exports include manufactures (automobiles, food and beverages, and design manufactures) and value-added services (such as information technologies, professional consultancy, and tourism).

OPEN ECONOMY. Trade, financial and investment flows link Argentina to the global and regional economy. Argentina is a founding member of the WTO and actively participates in the multilateral trading system.

FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT. Transnational companies are involved in a wide range of activities in such diverse sectors as agro-industries, automotive industry, chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, information technologies, telecommunications, public utilities, finance and retail.

MERCOSUR. In addition, Argentina is a full member of Mercosur, a customs union that also includes Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela and Uruguay. Mercosur is a common market open to the world. A Preferential Trade Agreement with India is also in place. Mercosur offers investors in Argentina access to a large and attractive regional market as well as the market access benefits from trade negotiations with Latin America and third countries and regions.

GEOGRAPHICAL RICHES. Argentina is one of the world’s most geographically varied and resource-rich territories. It is the second largest country in Latin America and the eighth in the world. Along its 2.8 million sq km, Argentina is endowed with extraordinary fertile agriculture lands, unexploited forest resources, exploitable mining deposits and rich fisheries.

Argentina is a key producer and exporter of commodities and raw materials: it is the world's leading exporter of sunflower oil, soyabean oil, pears and lemons, among a diversified basket of agricultural products.

VALUE ADDED PRODUCTS. Argentina is a growing producer of technological and differentiated goods and services. In fact, it is the second largest producer of genetically modified crops, the world's fourth largest producer and exporter of television content, and as any tourist will attest to: a world renowned producer of high-quality gourmet beef. The software and IT services industry has been growing at a compound rate of 20 per cent per year since 2002

PROSPERAR. The creation of Argentina’s National Investment Development Agency, ProsperAr, is a clear sign of the government's commitment to support the expansion of investment.

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