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Algodon Mansion and Algodon Wines maintain a limited marketing partnership with Château de Messey, a fine wine and 17th Century hotel estate located in Burgundy, France. Our companies collaborate on consumer offerings including our premium wines and other artisanal products, as well as hospitality promotions cross-continentally.

Château de Messey, a large estate nestled on a hilltop just 8 kilometers (five miles) from Tournus in the commune of Ozenay is mentioned in IXth Century manuscripts.  The Château's two wings face each other across a lovely open courtyard shaded by three 19th century horse chestnut trees. The vaulted cellars and stores have now recovered their original purpose and spirit.  Typical of the region, this cluster of buildings is topped by a dovecote tower.  Gently rolling below the château one finds the domaine's farm, a mill along the Natouze stream and the vine workers’ cottages.  The Château de Messey, its guest cottages, bed and breakfast, "table d’hôtes" dinners welcome guests to a delightful stay and to discovery of the history, landscapes, terroir cuisine and the fine white and red Burgundy wines of the Demessey Winery.

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