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Mauro Nosenzo
Algodon Wine Estates, Winemaker

Anthony Foster
Algodon Wine Estates, Senior Wine Advisor

Jorge Alberto Arenas
Algodon Wine Estates, Agronomical Engineer

Mr. Nosenzo has served at Algodon Wine Estates since 2007, and as winemaker he determines the exact moment of each varietal's harvest. Additional significant responsibilities include managing the wine's elaboration process from the instant it has been handpicked up until it is bottled. In addition to production process and control, Mr. Nosenzo faithfully stays abreast of the newest technology, products and trends related to consumer tastes and demand.

Before joining Algodon Wine Estates, Mr. Nosenzo served as winemaker for the acclaimed Roca S.A. Winery, for over 12 years.

Mr. Nosenzo has a degree as a National Winemaker, as well as a Master's Degree in Business Management from the Business International School branch of Talca University of Chile.

Mr. Nosenzo frequently sits as a judge for various wine tasting competitions throughout Argentina. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and regularly trains for marathons and "adventure races."

Anthony Foster has been in the wine trade for over thirty-eight years. In 1974, he became a Master of Wine, passing the most arduous four day tasting and theoretical qualification in the industry. In 1987 he was Chairman of the Institute of Masters of Wine and was largely responsible for making the qualification international.

He founded his own company, Bonhote Foster Limited, in 1975, and was bought out in 1981 by Scottish and Newcastle Breweries. He was subsequently made managing director of Christopher and Company, Royal Warrant holders. In 1986 Antinori in Florence sought him out and hired him to become managing director of their UK arm, Belloni. After Antinori sold their interest in Belloni in the early nineties, Mr. Foster continued to act as a consultant for various bodies on fruit selection and wine making techniques, as well as wine marketing in the UK and US. Amongst other projects, he researched and advised a number of Slovenian wine producers on how to market their wines in Europe. He created a Burgundy importing company in the US - Foster Flynt Selections - with DC Flynt MW. In 1998, Mr. Foster purchased Bonhote Foster Limited back from Scottish and Newcastle Breweries. In recent years, he has spent considerable time working with various wine investment groups.

Mr. Foster is an acknowledged wine taster. He judges around the world, most notably France, Italy, Australia and the UK. In France he has participated in a number of "Tastevinage" panels and in Italy he has been a frequent judge at the Banco d'Assagio in Perugia. In Australia he is one of a handful of international judges and he is frequently invited to judge in both Canberra and Hobart. In the UK, Anthony chairs a number of tasting panels for both the Wine Challenge and the Wine and Spirit Competition.

Mr. Arenas has worked for the estate since 2001, when the project was still a just vision, and has played a significant role in its development into its current incarnation of Algodon Wine Estates. After settling permanently in San Rafael in 2000, Mr. Arenas served as President and consultant for CREA group. He began his career in Agronomy, within the agrochemical industry, by working at the Estancia los Reyunos of San Rafael from 1978 to 2000, where he was in charge of the cultivation of asparagus for the company ABC. Mr. Arenas studied at the Agronomy Department at the National University of Cuyo, where he received his degree. From a young age he complemented his studies by playing rugby, which gained him the respect and affection of the sporting community. Mr. Arenas first studied at the General Espejo Military Academy, and graduated with the rank of reserve Lieutenant. He was born and raised in the city of Mendoza, and enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, as well as playing golf when he can.

Patrick Dumont
Business Advisor, Gaucho Holdings

Patrick Dumont is the CEO and winemaker of Château de Messey, a family owned company in Burgundy, France, most notable for their outstanding Chardonnay.  He is a founding partner of Schiahorn AG wine imports and distributes Algodon Fine Wines in Switzerland, France and other parts of Europe.  He has more than 28 years of experience in the wine industry.  Prior to his current position, he served for 15 years with UBS Investment Bank where he headed the investment solution group for fixed income in Switzerland.  His career experience includes time spent within the hedge fund industry, which developed his interest in Private Equity and VC deals using his institutional network to raise capital. He began his career at JPMorgan in New York in security sales.  Mr. Dumont is a member of the Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR), the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts (ICFA), and the Swiss Society of Investment Professionals (SSIP), and he is also co-founder and vice-president of a wakeboard club (CBWSS) in Geneva and Chevalier de Tastevin in Clos de Vougeot since 2004.